Illustrator Philip Cassirer Portrait


Philip Cassirer studied at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) design and illustration and since his diploma in 2010 he is working as a freelance illustrator and designer. Many years in the comic studio Alligator Farm (publisher of Perry Rhodan comics) and working on books and personal comic/ illustration projects are forming his distinct style to this day.
He works and lives with his family in Hamburg.


Besides divers comic short stories, Philip Cassirer published a comic album in the puplishing house of Carlsen Comics (Was Kostet ein Yak) and a technic book for children with Cosmos Publishing(Technikbuch für Kinder).

For the record label Ursl he composed the corporate design as well as most of the lp cover designs.

For cultural projects Philip Cassirer is significantly involved in the implementation, conception and planing of big event architecture projects like for exemple the Tankwüste on the Fusionfestival.

Another importent part of his work is to create drawings, visualizations, pitches and storyboards for agencies as well as mood boards, scetches and designs for event construction. In this context he has worked amongst other things together with customers like BMW, Bundesland Sachsen, Brandzeichen, Coca Cola, Die Techniker, Deutsche Bahn, EWE, Fred, Joke Event AG, KIA, Goethe- Institut, Ketchum Pleon, La Roche, Naumann-Goebel, Nordlite, Nordpol, Onliveline, Saga, SAP, Stadtwerke Stralsund, Volvic, VW, Warner Music, 25Hours Hotel.

Style and skills:

Philip Cassirer`s constant work as a comic artist is clearly recognizible in his style. He is at home in diverse classes of the genre, capable of adapting and combining different styles and technics to the point of realistic drawings.

His diverse skillset allows him to modulate his style on the requirements of a project and to develop first ideas from a template. His talent to design concept ideas with quick scetches to give them a shape and performing first layouts in different styles enables him to be responsive to individual requirements of customers and act spontanious to customer suggestions during any stage of the creative process.

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